Illustrator • Digital Designer • Illustrated Stationery Designer 

Illustrator and digital designer Ariane illustrates contemporary and minimalist art ranging from simple and expressive, to more realistic, textured images –with a nature and afrocentric influenced style. Ariane also designs and creates illustrated stationery for Ariane Illustration, an online illustrated stationery and art print store based in the UK. 


Where are you based/from?

I am based in the UK and I am from DR Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo), Kinshasa and I was raised in both Belgium and London.

Which hardware/software do you use for your digital pieces? 

I draw using Autodesk SketchBook Pro with a Wacom Intuos Draw tablet. I also use Procreate on the iPad Pro simultaneously with SketchBook Pro.

Are you available for commissions?

Thank you for your interest! however I no longer accept commissions/custom/personal portraits. 


"...Whatever people see, extract or experience from my illustrations, is simply a reflection of what I hope they aspire to see or extract in themselves. So if you say, 'oh my gosh it's so beautiful', then girl, you're beautiful." - Ariane

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